Revised Elementary Attendance Areas

At the Board of Education meeting on 9/13/2010, Orla O’Keefe showed a hand colored map of the elementary attendance areas that were revised based on community feedback. The previous attendance areas are the dark red lines. The colored areas show the new attendance areas. The affected schools include: Commodore Sloat (yellow), Jose Ortega (dark blue), Sunnyside (light blue), Glen Park (green), Monroe (pink), Juniperro Serra (yellow), and Flynn (orange). Also, Grattan gained some area, but it’s not shown in this picture. Here is a screenshot:

The resolution is too small to read street names, so I overlaid it with the original attendance area map. Click on the map below to see full size. It’s still blurry, but you can make out more street detail than the screenshot.

Here is the description of the proposed changes from the district’s website:

– To avoid topographical barriers (Sutro Forest),Willard (above Parnassus), Woodland,Edgewood, and Belmont become part ofGrattan’s attendance area, instead of Clarendon’s attendance area.
– Keep Westwood Park together by extending Sloat’s boundary to Greenwood and Ridgewood
– Move Ortega’s northern boundary to Holloway to balance enrollments and diversity
Improve diversity and balance enrollments at Serra and Flynn by adjusting Serra’s
– eastern border to follow the 67 bus route along Ellsworth, Courtland, and Nevada, and
– northern border along Bernal Heights boulevard, Bocana Street, and Eugenia to Mission Street
Glen Park/Monroe/Hillcrest
– Balance enrollments at Hillcrest and Glen Park’s by expanding the eastern boundary to Mission Street
– Adjust Monroe’s northern boundary to Theresa – otherwise adjustments to Glen Park would create an island for Hillcrest

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